Detroit Tigers Front Office Ranked in Top Half of Major League Baseball

Detroit Tigers’ Front Office Climbs the Rankings

When it comes to the Detroit Tigers, their front office is not exactly getting a ton of love these days. That said, according to a poll of 40 MLB executives conducted by The Athletic, the Tigers’ front office is ranked in the top half of Major League Baseball. In fact, the Tigers’ front office came in at No. 14 on the list.

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Key Factors in Ranking

From The Athletic:

“No. 14—Detroit Tigers (4 points). The success of president of baseball operations Scott Harris may well depend on several players chosen in the top five by his predecessor, Al Avila. The Tigers lost for a good long while before Harris was hired, which put the team in position to draft players like Riley Greene and Spencer Torkelson. Harris was aggressive this spring in signing infielder Colt Keith to a six-year, $28.6 million deal before Keith debuted in the majors.”

Top 15 MLB Front Offices

In case you were wondering, here are the rankings. Note: Teams not mentioned did not receive a vote.

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers
  2. Tampa Bay Rays
  3. Atlanta Braves
  4. Cleveland Guardians
  5. Baltimore Orioles
  6. Milwaukee Brewers
  7. Arizona Diamondbacks
  8. Minnesota Twins (tie)
  9. Texas Rangers (tie)
  10. New York Yankees
  11. Philadelphia Phillies
  12. Seattle Mariners
  13. Houston Astros
  14. Detroit Tigers
  15. Cincinnati Reds (tie)
  16. New York Mets (tie)
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Strategic Moves and Future Prospects for Detroit Tigers

The Athletic highlights Scott Harris’s aggressive moves, such as signing Colt Keith to a significant deal before his major league debut. These strategic decisions are pivotal as the Tigers aim to leverage their young talent for future success. The front office’s current ranking reflects a blend of hope and the potential embedded in their recent drafts and signings.

The Tigers still have ample salary cap space, which allows them to continue making strategic moves to bolster their roster and farm system. This flexibility positions Detroit well to compete in the coming seasons, aiming to transform their rebuilding efforts into sustained success on the field.

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