Detroit Tigers get awful news regarding CF Riley Greene

Unbelievable. The Detroit Tigers just passed along some awful news regarding Riley Greene. Why can we not have nice things?!?!

On Tuesday night, during a game against the Texas Rangers, Detroit Tigers CF Riley Greene was removed from the game after suffering an apparent injury. One day later, the team announced that Greene has been placed on the 10-day injured list with a stress fracture of his left fibula.

Riley Greene Detroit Tigers

Key Points

  • Greene suffered an apparent injury during Tuesday night's game against the Texas Rangers.
  • He was removed from the game in the 3rd inning after chasing a fly ball and experiencing discomfort in his left lower leg.
  • The team revealed on Wednesday that Greene has been placed on the 10-day injured list due to a stress fracture in his left fibula.

What happened to Detroit Tigers CF Riley Greene?

During Tuesday's game, Tigers' outfielder Greene was forced to leave the field in the 3rd inning following an injury he sustained while chasing a fly ball hit by the Rangers' shortstop Corey Seager. The team later disclosed that his departure was a result of experiencing discomfort in his left lower leg.

Following the game, Tigers manager A.J. Hinch gave the following update.

“Riley came to us in the dugout after the 1st inning and complained about his lower left leg, which not to be funny, is below the knee and above the ankle,” Hinch said. “Ryan looked at him, and he fought to stay in the game and we sent him back out. He was kind of moving around a little gimpy; the ball to center field, he went and caught it and I didn't like how that looked, so I took him out of the game.”

“Once we took him out of the game, he's gonna go get his scans and get looked at and we'll have more information as we go,” Hinch continued. “But I don't know what it is. Riley was fighting to stay in the game, which was a good sign, but the way he was moving around meant that he needed to come out of the game.”

Bottom Line: Losing Greene is a HUGE blow for the Tigers

The news of Riley Greene's injury and subsequent placement on the 10-day injured list comes as a significant blow to the Detroit Tigers. Not only was Greene a key contributor to the team's outfield, but he was also leading the American League in batting average for the month of May. His absence will undoubtedly leave a void in the Tigers' lineup and impact their offensive production. The team will now have to navigate through this challenging period without one of their top performers. The loss of Greene's contributions is a substantial setback for the Tigers as they strive for success during the season.