Detroit Tigers GM Al Avila comments on spending $300 million on one player

The Detroit Tigers have a hole at the shortstop position and you can bet they will add one before the start of the 2022 season.

One player that has been linked to the Tigers just so happens to be the top free agent SS on the market, Carlos Correa.

According to reports, Correa is likely going to demand a contract that pays him $300 million or more, which may or may not be more than the Tigers are willing to pay.

On Monday, Tigers GM Al Avila was asked about spending $300 million on one player. Here is his answer.

“Not one player is going to make us a winner. We have to make sure we can field a good 26-man roster. It’s going to be a measured process. We’re going to be very careful in how we do it.”

Nation, what does this response mean to you?

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