Detroit Tigers: How much trade value does Gregory Soto have?

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The Detroit Tigers may be eager to try and make some moves at the upcoming and approaching trade deadline. Suppose the Tigers are going to throw in the towel on the 2022 season and start building towards the 2023 season with new guys coming in. One of the players who may stick out as a tradeable piece is Gregory Soto.

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The issue is that the fanbase is relying on Al Avila to get things done for the Detroit Tigers and the general consensus around Avila right now is quite poor. The Tigers are approaching the deadline with Avila steering the ship, a scary thought.

With a couple of trade chips, if the Tigers want to partially tear off some pieces with the hopes of adding more firepower in the form of prospects who are near a debut, they may be an active player at the deadline. One of the players they are going to shop around is their closer.

Soto has been the team’s flamethrowing lefty for the past four seasons, really coming into his own in each of the last two seasons. But, Soto has not quite been the dominant closer that some teams may be looking to pick up. He’s been solid, but there’s more to it for a competing team looking to add a dominant arm.

Detroit Tigers closer Gregory Soto’s trade value may not be as high as it seems.

The Detroit Tigers could be eager to try and flip Soto for whatever they can get in return. Whether that’s another haul of prospects or someone they are hoping pans out in the long run, the Tigers could be active in trying to trade Soto. But there could be some obstacles to that.

Soto is coming off a 2022 season where he has appeared in 33 games, pitching to a 2.59 ERA, a 1.25 WHIP, and punching out 32 hitters over 31.1 innings pitched. While these numbers are outstanding and helped him earn the Tigers all-star nomination for the second straight year, something is going unnoticed by some.

When a competing team brings in a reliever or any pitching depth, they are poised to make a deep playoff run, or the trade is made with the hopes it helps bolster a roster to make it to the World Series. There is no doubt that Soto would help a ballclub out and add benefit to a team’s bullpen, but is it enough to trust him?

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But is he going to be able to be a shutdown left-handed reliever? He’s never pitched in the postseason and never really pitched in a truly meaningful game with the season riding on his performance. On top of that, Tigers fans have seen the blow-up outings that he has from time to time.

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Soto is always good for the two-run or three-run blown save or at least blown lead from time to time. That cannot be an attractive look for a team looking for trusting pitching depth. Let’s play the hypothetical game for a second. Given Soto’s success, the Tigers are shopping him, and they call up the Los Angeles Dodgers, trying to market the lefty.

In what world will the Dodgers give the ball to Soto with a postseason game and possibly the entire season on the line? It could be an overreaction. Ther are unsung heroes in the postseason every single year, including relievers who turn out to dominate the opposition. I do not feel like Soto will be high on a competing team’s list of relief help options.

Sitting here and looking at the inexperience of pitching in high-leverage situations and big games with a winning ball club and the possibility of one of his blow-up outings (even if they have been better in 2022) makes this hard for me to see working out.

I think Soto stays put, with reasons of concern for a team that wants pitching depth they can trust in big spots.

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