Did the Detroit Tigers just trade closer Shane Greene?

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Prior to Sunday’s game against the Seattle Mariners, Detroit Tigers‘ manager Ron Gardenhire commented that Shane Greene would pitch whether the Tigers were winning or losing.

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From Detroit News:

Gardenhire said, save situation or no save situation, he was going to get Greene into the game Sunday. He hadn’t worked since Wednesday.

“We can’t keep letting him sit so long,” Gardenhire said.

The reason for Gardy’s comment was because Greene has not been getting much action because the Tigers continue to lose.

That being said, with the score tied going into the ninth inning, Gardenhire decided to let Trevor Rosenthal pitch, rather than Greene.

With the MLB trade deadline just days away, does this decision by Gardenhire have anything to do with a potential trade?

Time will tell!


Tigers lost, Greene did not pitch, Gardenhire went against what he said pre-game.