Detroit Tigers: Life after Al Avila’s firing

The Detroit Tigers have fired General Manager (GM) Al Avila, what comes next? What is life like after Al Avila for Tigers fans?

The Detroit Tigers have altered the course of their franchise with the team's latest announcement. It has since been announced that the team is firing General Manager (GM) Al Avila. It was a move that the fanbase had been hoping for, for a long time.

It will bring a slew of changes as the Detroit Tigers organization adjusts to life after Avila. The first move that the team made was to promote Sam Menzin into the day-to-day point of contact as the acting GM for the team. He's currently the assistant GM and Vice President, who will begin running the show for the time being.

Now, the move itself was not a shock to anyone, as the team's fanbase has been openly begging for the move to be made. The Tigers needed a change, and the wheels had been in motion for that to happen. How things were operating under Avila was certainly in question, and now the team will get the chance for that reset.

So while the initial move itself is not the most shocking, the aftermath is the “shock.” It's more of an unknown than a shock, but the frustrated part of the fanbase can rejoice as the Tigers have entered life after Avila's firing.

Detroit Tigers are entering a new era, post-Al Avila firing.

Now that Avila is gone, it will be Menzin in the driver's seat of the team the rest of the way. There should be some excitement about what comes next. As the team searches to fill the chair of the new long-term GM, Menzin will do just fine.

He should be someone the Tigers fanbase is satisfied with. He will be on cruise control for the most part, but Avila left some fires that he will put out. With the roster in a bit of limbo with so many injuries, there may be some shifts and moves made to get the Tigers into a position to start fresh in 2023.

While 2022 is already in the dumps, there is no reason that Menzin being smart with the team and a big offseason of change cannot leave the Tiggers with a much better outlook on the 2023 season. Life after Avila being fired is going to be great.

There's a lot of reason to be excited about what comes next. With any GM change, there's going to be a plethora of chances. Whether it's the team's front office, the team's personnel, the players, etc. Things are going to be overhauled. But in the case of the Tigers, it may not be the worst thing in the world.

Looking ahead, the Tigers have some pieces to build around. Especially after Chris Ilitch proclaimed that the rebuild was over ahead of the 2022 season. The fans know. The pieces to move in the right direction are there, and with a change at the top of the front office, there could be some overturn on the roster, bringing in more pieces to build towards that “end of the rebuild” that was promised ahead of 2022.

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The Tigers are not there yet, but the team can get a fresh perspective with someone else in the GM seat. Life after Avila is bright. The grass is always greener on the other side, at least that's what they say, right?