Detroit Tigers make addition to uniforms, beginning immediately [Photos]

The Detroit Tigers have recently announced a significant change to their uniforms, introducing a sponsored logo. The team has entered into a multi-year partnership with Meijer, which includes the addition of a jersey patch featuring the Meijer logo. Starting from their game against the Chicago White Sox at Comerica Park, both home and road uniforms will showcase the rectangular logo on the sleeves.

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Key Points

  • Tigers to incorporate a sponsored logo on their uniforms.
  • Partnership with retailer Meijer results in a jersey patch with the Meijer logo.
  • The logo will be featured on the sleeves of both home and road uniforms.
  • MLB's collective bargaining agreement allows for uniform advertising.
  • Tigers anticipate that all teams will eventually adopt uniform sponsorship.
  • Meijer has additional logo placement with the Detroit Red Wings.

Detroit Tigers make addition to uniforms, beginning immediately [Photos]

Here are a couple of photos that show how the addition to the uniforms look (Via Bally Sports Detroit):

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Detroit Tigers

“The Detroit Tigers and Meijer are synonymous with the state of Michigan, and we're thrilled to extend our partnership with an organization that has a common vision about community engagement,” said Ryan Gustafson, the executive vice president and COO of Ilitch Sports and Entertainment. “These are two of the most iconic brands in the state, creating millions of memories for fans and families each year. We appreciate Meijer's support and partnership, and look forward to working together serving our great fans and customers for years to come.”

Bottom Line – A New Era of Sports Advertising

With the introduction of sponsored logos on their uniforms, the Detroit Tigers have entered a new era of sports advertising. This progressive move signifies the team's willingness to adapt to evolving trends and leverage partnerships to drive growth. As fans witness the Meijer logo prominently displayed on the Tigers' jerseys, it serves as a visual representation of the changing dynamics between sports and commercial entities. While the inclusion of sponsor logos may take some getting used to, it opens up exciting possibilities for teams to secure additional revenue streams and elevate their overall competitiveness.

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