Detroit Tigers manager A.J. Hinch gives frank assessment of rough start

The Detroit Tigers have had a tough start to their season, losing their first home series to the Boston Red Sox and falling to a record of 2-7. Manager A.J. Hinch provided a frank assessment of the team's struggles, citing issues with pitching and hitting. The Tigers' pitchers have been struggling to throw first-pitch strikes and get into leverage counts, resulting in walks and runs scored by opposing teams. Additionally, the hitters have been chasing pitches outside of the strike zone and getting themselves out.

A.J. Hinch Miguel Cabrera Detroit Tigers

Key Points

  • Tigers' pitchers struggling with first-pitch strikes and leverage counts
  • Walks and runs scored by opposing teams due to pitching struggles
  • Tigers' hitters are chasing pitches outside of the strike zone and getting themselves out

A.J. Hinch talks about Detroit Tigers' rough start

Following Sunday's loss to the Red Sox, Hinch spoke to the media and he gave a frank assessment of the Tigers' start to the season.

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“We're not a good first-pitch strike pitching staff right now and we're not missing a ton of bats,” he said. “We're not getting into leverage counts. If you do that against teams that can roll their lineup to some pretty good hitters, you are going to find yourself behind.”

Hinch added that the Tigers' hitters continue to chase pitches outside the strike zone.

“We keep fighting,” Hinch said. “But we still continue to chase a bunch and that comes back to haunt you a little bit when you have guys on base and you get a little anxious and swing outside the zone.”

Big Picture: Tigers are still in a rebuilding phase

The Detroit Tigers are currently in a rebuilding phase, focusing on developing young talent and building a strong foundation for the future. While the team's struggles in the early part of the season are disappointing, it is important to keep in mind the long-term goals of the organization. Hinch's frank assessment of the team's performance can help identify areas for improvement and guide the team toward success in the future.

Bottom Line – Tigers remain optimistic despite rough start

Despite the Tigers' rough start to the season, there is still reason for optimism. The team is in a rebuilding phase and has a young, talented core that can develop into a competitive force in the future. While the early struggles are frustrating, the team's leadership remains committed to improvement and success in the long term. By identifying areas for improvement and focusing on player development, the Tigers can continue to build toward a bright future.

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“All in all, we hung in for nine innings in all three games,” Hinch said. “But we have to continue to hone in on contact and moving the ball into play because we're swinging at pitches inside the zone and not swinging dangerously outside the strike zone.”

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  1. A.J Hinch,,,,,you are missed so much in Houston. The owner of he Astros made a huge mistake releasing you. I’m hoping someday ,you will come back.
    I know you will be great rebuilding the Tigers.

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