Detroit Tigers manager AJ Hinch weighs in on Jack Morris suspension


Jack Morris has found himself in hot water after an incident that happened on Tuesday night as the Detroit Tigers played the Los Angeles Angels.

During the game, Morris, who is an analyst for Bally Sports Detroit, made a poor attempt at humor by using an Asian caricature stereotype as Angels star Shohei Ohtani was coming to the plate. (Note: Some believe Morris was trying to do an Elmer Fudd impersonation)

After the incident, somebody from either the Tigers or Bally Sports Detroit told Morris that he needed to apologize and that is what he attempted to do prior to Ohtani’s at-bat in the ninth inning.

“It’s been brought to my attention and I sincerely apologize if I offended anybody, especially anybody in the Asian community, for what I said about pitching and being careful to Jose, er, Shohei Ohtani. I did not intend for any offensive thing and I apologize if I did. I certainly respect and have the utmost respect for this guy and I don’t blame a pitcher for walking him.”


Jack Morris has been suspended indefinitely following his ‘perceived ethnic accent’ on Tuesday night.


Prior to Wednesday night’s game vs. the Angels, Tigers manager AJ Hinch was asked about the Jack Morris suspension.

Hinch said that baseball should celebrate diversity and called Morris’ comments “not only unnecessary but unwarranted.”


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10 thoughts on “Detroit Tigers manager AJ Hinch weighs in on Jack Morris suspension”

  1. A.J. I just lost all respect I had for you. Maybe you could use him to steal signs while he’s off.

    • I agree,,this guy has a job after cheating in baseball and what Morris said has been blown way out of proportion. The more I hear from A.J. the less I like him..Not impressed by his 1 inning bullpen bs either,

  2. Where in the hell does Hinch get off at , Jack Morris is a hall of fame pitcher and was a great Detroit Tiger , He was our Ace in 84 when we won a world championship, and for a cheater like Hinch to come out with this and not defend Jack on this bullshit , he needs to more concerned about getting the Tigers back to being winners , And for the Tigers to treat Morris like this real upsets me , we have stood by the Tigers during their rebuild and put up with Chris I’s ownership and lousy trade’s to shrink his payroll , Why didn’t he stick up for Morris ? Rally Sports should drop that stupid pick the stick and change it to Choose the Chump , I vote for the ass hat that made the decision to suspend Morris , If they have that much weight why isn’t Sweet Lou in the hall of Fame ?

    • So part of the Law of Baseball as you see it is simple. The better you were at baseball the more racially insensitive you cab be.
      Poking fun at Asians is okay in the face of unfounded malice towards Asians as long as you were instrumental in bring glory to the team.
      I get it……..

  3. I don’t believe Morris’s meant any disrespect but it was disrespectful and wrong. A person in his position or anyone who speaks publicly should be aware that their position magnifies what they say and can encourage others to behave inappropriately. Yes he must be punished and publicly punished to show all that this type of behavior is wrong. However I hope he will be back in the both someday.

  4. Wow……………what has society become when this so offends people that he gets suspended? The world is being overtaken by Karens………..

  5. Morris was just being silly, Hinch-face. Meanwhile, you’re a documented cheater and the Tigers should have never hired you.

    • I wonder how many of the people having a problem with this has ever seen a cartoon with Elmer Fud saying “Vewy, Vewy Careful”. And I really don’t think he was being disrespectful of Asians.

  6. This is total BS!!!
    He never said anything bad. They were just wrapped up in the game.
    It was a compliment to the other teams player.
    Let’s stop this this race baiting!!

  7. This is woke all the way people are so sensitive these days it’s like walking on pins and needles Jack Morris is a hero to not only tiger fans but baseball fans not really sure about the coach it would’ve been better if the coach said nothing

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