Baseball in the D



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There truly is no way to express what the game of baseball means. It is played beginning in the season of rebirth and ends in the season of thanks. A perfect timeline for such a wonderful game. At the beginning, you have high expectations for your team, because the reality is, no matter how bad or good they were in years prior, this is always a new year. And, when the season wraps up on cold October/November days, you are thankful for the season you were able to experience, usually regardless of how your team finished. Why? Because baseball matters.

Especially in Detroit.

From the earliest of years, Detroiters are Tigers fans. It’s as Michigan as you can be; like Ford, Chevy, GMC, or Faygo. Those that aren’t Tigers fans, are just confusedĀ or lost, and eventually, they’ll find their way back. All becauseĀ the game of baseball matters.

It matters because baseball is a game of dreams, a game of other realities. A game that takes you from where you are, and lets you move beyond that spot. It allows you to pretend your someone else, live out childhood fantasies through someone else.

Baseball is just a game, of that there is no argument. However, in Detroit, “baseball in the D” is also a way of life.