Survey by MLive shows that Tigers fans support recent personnel changes to FSD coverage


It was announced earlier this month that some rather notable changes were being made to the Detroit Tigers broadcast team for Fox Sports Detroit. Among those were Jack Morris no longer being a part of the rotation of color commentators, and that the bulk of the games would be in the hands of long-time Tigers color man Rod Allen, with Kirk Gibson getting a a portion of the games as well.

Rod Allen is tabbed to work 102 of the 162 games for the Tigers, with Gibby getting the remaining 60. Recently, MLive conducted a survey to Tigers fans on what they felt on the slew of changes made by FSD. Nearly 4,000 people polled into the survey and better than two-thirds of the results would support the moves mades by FSD.

Of the votes, a tick over 36 percent were in favor of the “I’d like to see Rod, all the time,” option. Just a little under 32 percent appreciated the blend of Allen and Gibby, voting “Great. A good mix of Gibby and Rod.” As for the rest of the polls, a shade under 14 percent would have liked to see Gibson be the lead man in the rotation of color guys, where as roughly 11 percent would have liked to see Jack Morris come back for another season.

Here are some fan comments regarding the changes and adding a bit more to their decisions:

“I like it.  I wouldn’t want Gibby all the time, but sometimes he can add some analysis that Rod doesn’t offer.  That said Rod is easier to listen to and more fun.”

I loved Gibby the player and what he was all about…the guy played with fire.  Gibby in the booth does not have fire….no enthusiasm…zzzzzzzzzzzzz.  It’s just not his thing, IMO. “

Gibby does a great job of analyzing the game within the game. With Rod doing 100 and Gibson 60 that will break up the repetitiveness/monotony of a looooooooooong season.”