Detroit Tigers release special uniforms for Mother’s Day


Continuing the tradition of supporting various holidays, Major League Baseball players will don uniforms that coincide with particular holidays again in 2017.

In a show of support for mothers everywhere, the Detroit Tigers have announced that they’ll be wearing special uniforms to commemorate the day. Here’s a sneak peek at the special threads the team will be sporting.

The Mother’s Day uniforms will not only be worn on the actual holiday, however. New Major League Baseball procedure indicates that the special duds will be worn across entire holiday weekends.

Other weekends that will get distinctive uniform treatment include Memorial Day, Independence Day, and some others. You can check out some photos below of the uniforms and make sure to visit this page at to get a look at all of the teams’ specific uniforms for the year.

The idea of putting together uniforms for entire weekends was a big change for this season. Here are some other changes for 2017 as reported by Chris Creamer over at

The inclusion of the special Stance sock designs is the big change here, each of the holidays getting their own unique look, some a little more unique than others (just be sure to check out the All-Star designs in this post).

With uniforms being worn across multiple series’ some teams were forced to make home and road sets for each of the holidays.

The introduction of a “heathered” pattern to most of the new caps introduced today.

The reduction in the amount of camp used, and an entirely new version of it on the Memorial Day set.


This new policy will certainly make the baseball diamonds more colorful and interesting over the course of 2017.