Justin Verlander’s latest tweet will make Detroit Tigers fans weep, then smile

Justin Verlander. Detroit Tigers v. New York Mets. Joker Marchant Stadium. Lakeland, Florida. March 12, 2012.

Most Detroit Tigers fans have come to accept the fact that Justin Verlander is no longer wearing the Old English D. Not that they really have much of a choice.

On August 31, just minutes before the Major League Baseball trade deadline, Verlander was dealt to the Houston Astros for a trio of prospects. It was a very difficult morning for Tigers fans who woke up to find out that JV was no longer on the team. But now that some time has gone by and the regular season has ended, many of us have begun rooting for Verlander to win the World Series title that he was not able to get in Detroit.

After the Astros defeated the Boston Red Sox 5-4 on Monday night to advance to the ALCS, Verlander is now one step closer to glory.

Following the game, Verlander tweeted out the following photo of him celebrating in the Astros clubhouse.

Nation, what was your first response to this photo? Were you bummed out? Happy?