On Monday night, Tigers outfielder Tyler Collins had a moment that will most likely stick with him for the rest of his baseball career.

With no outs in the top of the 6th inning, Marcus Semien of the Oakland Athletics hit what looked to be a routine fly ball to centerfield. Unfortunately, as it turned out, there was nothing routine at all about the play because Collins managed to lose track of the ball and it fell in for a hit.

Following the play, Collins was booed by the home fans and his reaction was unfortunate. Rather than just ignoring the crowd, Collins decided to hold up his middle finger and swing it back and forth, flipping off the fans at Comerica Park.

See for yourself.

Following the conclusion of the game, Collins apologized for his actions on the field.

““I want you guys to understand that I love this team, and I want to win, and so when we come home and get booed, it’s tough to swallow. But like I said, I apologize completely,” Collins said. “I’m embarrassed in myself. I know my family’s embarrassed in me. I’m sure these guys are, too. I’m just sorry it happened.”

Manager Brad Ausmus did not happen to see Collins’ reaction to the play when it happened, but he was notified immediately and brought Collins into the tunnel to talk to him.

“It’s clearly something that can’t happen. Matter of fact, I spoke to Tyler immediately in the tunnel after it happened. I spoke to him after the game. And he regrets it. It was an emotional reaction. He regrets it, and knows that it was wrong,” Ausmus said.

“He just screwed up. He’s a young guy that screwed up.”

Collins also talked about what happened on the play itself when he somehow lost the ball and was unable to make the catch. He also explained his reaction and apologized to Tigers fans.

“It got up in those high skies, that dusk period. Nobody — I’m looking around screaming ‘I don’t see it.’ Nobody else sees it. It was unfortunate,” Collins said. “When Zim’s cruising, and we’ve got a 6-0 lead, nobody wants that ball to get lost less than me. Nobody does. That hurts. And to be at home, and to hear boos after that play, hit a trigger inside of me, and I lashed out — completely inappropriately. I’m absolutely embarrassed that it happened, and I’m sorry to everyone in Detroit.”