Anthony Gose, Lloyd McClendon got in ‘heated’ argument during Mud Hens game


Apparently, there was quite a scene in the dugout yesterday during the first game of the Toledo Mud Hens‘ double header. At some point during game one against the Louisville Bats, Mud Hens manager Lloyd McClendon gave outfielder Anthony Gose some constructive criticism and Gose didn’t necessarily care for McClendon’s comments. Per reports, Gose told McClendon to “bleep off” and soon thereafter Gose was sent home by the skipper. Nothing else has surfaced in regards to the whole situation. There were some reports that confirmed after the argument between Gose and McClendon, Gose’s locker was ’empty’ post game.

Quite the drama unfolding down in Toledo.

Anthony Gose was sent down to Toledo on March 15, 2016 to make room for the return of Cameron Maybin and since that send down, he’s only batting .185 with one home run and 75 strikeouts.

Today, Gose was not present at the clubhouse, but he is still on the roster for the time being.