Bert Blyleven disses Detroit – doesn’t realize he covers the Twins




It must be fun to be from another city and come to Detroit as a visitor only to bag on it at every opportunity. I mean, why else would people keep doing it?

I think I’ll take a vacation this year and just go to a bunch of places that I’d like to insult.

While waiting for the tarp to come off of the field before the game today, Bert Blyleven, color commentator for the Twins decided to jump on Twitter and keep his fans up to speed on the status of the game. While he DID accomplish what he set out to do, he did it at the expense of the city of Detroit.

“Maybe they meant 4:45? It is the best I have seen downtown Detroit though! Thank you low clouds!”

Bert’s little comment did not go unnoticed however and it seems like it was as well received across the board as could be expected.

Do us all a favor Bert – Stick to the game and leave the heckling to the crowd.



Update: He can’t shut up.

Update as of 7:26 PM: The Twins and FS-North have issued a statement: