Detroit Tigers OF Akil Baddoo’s catch had 5% probability

Detroit Tigers outfielder Akil Baddoo had an impressive catch last night against the Seattle Mariners, robbing Mitch Haniger of what would likely have been a two-run double.

And what’s more is that the catch had a mere likelihood of happening – 5%, to be exact.

Baddoo, who covered 72 feet in 3.8 seconds, actually reached a speed of 27.6 feet per second according to Statcast. Needless to say, his play had a profound effect on the game.

It changed the whole complexion of the game,” Mariners manager Scott Servais said. “The game is probably tied at that point. … Off the bat, I certainly thought it did [have a chance to land]. It was kind of weird. Normally, that ball from a right-handed hitter down the left-field line is going to hook some. That ball did not hook much. It just kind of hung up there. He squared it. He hit it really good. And obviously, Baddoo is probably one of their faster guys.”