Detroit Tigers Opening Day has always been about more than baseball

If I close my eyes, I can still visualize my first Detroit Tigers Opening Day at Tiger Stadium, I was 16 years old. I can smell the hot dogs and the peanuts. I can hear the unforgettable sounds of the fans cheering and the sweet sound of a bat hitting a baseball. It's a truly peaceful feeling, a feeling I hope I can feel many more times before I head to the ball field in the sky.

Detroit Tigers Opening Day is a Holiday

Detroit Tigers Opening Day has been and will continue to be a holiday if you are from the state of Michigan. Many of the hard-working folks around the area (and some from further away) take the day off work and head down to the city to celebrate the start of a new baseball season. They come to watch their Tigers begin what hopefully will end with a World Series Championship. But they also come to hang out with friends, have a couple of hot dogs and pops, and share in the joy that is Opening Day. It's almost like a giant family reunion.

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There is just something about Opening Day in Detroit that goes further than what happens on the baseball field. Sure, we are all rooting for the Tigers to open the season with a big victory as they have so many times before, but regardless of the outcome of the game, it will always be one of the best days of the year. It will be a day that comes quickly and goes by in a flash

More than just baseball

Whether you are one of the Tiger faithful who arrives at a local bar at 8 am and proceeds to party well into the evening, or if you hit up one of the tent parties near Comerica Park before heading into the game, it's sure to be a memorable experience.

When game time starts to approach, tens of thousands of eager fans with tickets (not this year) in hand will begin making their way toward the gates of Comerica Park. Some of them are looking forward to continuing the party that began early in the morning, and some are focused on what the newest edition of the Tigers will look like when they take the field. It doesn't matter if the team won the division the previous year or if they came in dead last, it's a new year. It's the year the Detroit Tigers will win it all. (Well, maybe not this year)

So Tiger fans, get your game face on and get ready to soak in every part of the greatest day of the year, Detroit Tigers Opening Day.

Let's make some memories!

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