Detroit Tigers P Kenta Maeda told to keep quiet about schedule

Kenta Maeda told to keep quiet

Detroit Tigers veteran right-hander Kenta Maeda is at the center of a peculiar directive from the team’s management as he prepares to return to active play. Maeda, fully recovered from a viral illness and eligible for activation, is navigating the final steps before potentially taking the mound again.

Kenta Maeda told to keep quiet

Managerial Insight on Maeda’s Progress

Detroit Tigers Manager A.J. Hinch provided an update on Maeda’s condition and the plan moving forward. “We haven’t really gone any further than that until Kenta throws a bullpen,” Hinch explained. “We still haven’t done much other than catch up with him and have him play a little bit of catch. Once he throws his bullpen, we’ll start to look at the next series.”

Maeda is slated for a bullpen session either Wednesday or Thursday, with his subsequent deployment pending based on that performance. If he rejoins the Tigers’ roster for the upcoming games, he could take the place of Matt Manning, allowing the team’s other four starters an extra day of rest.

Maeda Instructed to Keep Quiet

In an unusual move, the Tigers have instructed Maeda not to disclose any details regarding his schedule. Speaking through his interpreter, Dai Sekizaki, Maeda shared his restricted communication. “It’s not that I haven’t been told anything,” Maeda said. “I have a general idea of maybe when I’m starting or not. It’s not like I’m not going to pitch for the next 10 days, so in that sense, it’s easier to schedule things and be back on the routine.” He added, “I’ve been told not to discuss anything about my schedule, so please do understand where I’m coming from.”

This instruction highlights the Tigers’ cautious approach in managing Maeda’s reintroduction to the roster, maintaining a strategic silence as they navigate the season.

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TL;DR (too long didn’t read)

  1. Kenta Maeda is fully recovered from a viral illness and eligible for reactivation, pending a bullpen session.
  2. The Tigers plan to reintegrate Maeda into the rotation but will not expand to a six-man rotation, potentially placing him in Matt Manning‘s current spot.
  3. Maeda has been instructed not to discuss his return schedule publicly, indicating the Tigers‘ strategic caution with information.

Bottom Line

The directive for Maeda to remain silent about his schedule underscores the Detroit Tigers strategic approach to player management and information dissemination as they aim for success in the latter part of the season.

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