Detroit Tigers Reliever Alex Lange Injured in Minor League Game

Alex Lange’s Injury Puts Detroit Tigers in a Bind

Detroit Tigers right-handed reliever Alex Lange suffered an upper-body injury while pitching for Triple-A Toledo on Friday. The incident occurred immediately after Lange delivered a curveball for a swinging strikeout, at which point he signaled to the trainers. The 28-year-old pitcher grabbed the area of his latissimus dorsi muscle, a clear sign of discomfort.

“Obviously, it didn’t look great,” Tigers manager A.J. Hinch said.

Alex Lange Medical Evaluations Underway

Following the injury, Alex Lange underwent an MRI exam on Saturday to determine the extent of his injury. The Tigers are awaiting the results of these tests and have not yet released an official diagnosis. This period of uncertainty leaves both the player and the team in limbo as they await more information.

Lange was demoted to Triple-A Toledo on May 23, primarily to address his issues with command and to refine his curveball. Despite his efforts, Lange had struggled to make significant improvements in these areas during his time in the minors.

Performance and Struggles Before and After Demotion

Before being sent down, Alex Lange posted a 4.34 ERA with 17 walks and 21 strikeouts over 18⅔ innings in 21 relief appearances for the Tigers. His difficulties in maintaining consistent strike-throwing and the reduced effectiveness of his curveball were critical factors in his demotion.

While in Triple-A, Lange recorded a 3.12 ERA with one walk and 12 strikeouts across 8⅔ innings in nine appearances. However, his curveball, which once boasted significant downward movement, has seen a reduction in its induced vertical break (IVB), contributing to his ongoing struggles.

“I feel for him,” Hinch said. “He’s down there working hard and trying to recapture his breaking ball and get in the strike zone more, and he was starting to do that. Anytime when you see a player motion out to the trainer, he looked like he was very uncomfortable.”

Statistical Insights and Challenges

Alex Lange’s efforts to increase his strike rate have not been fruitful. His in-zone rate, a measure of his ability to throw strikes within the strike zone, has decreased from 42.2% in the majors to 39.7% during his stint in Triple-A. This decline underscores the challenges Lange has faced in his quest to regain his previous form.

Looking Forward

The Tigers are closely monitoring Lange’s condition and are waiting for further medical insights before making any decisions regarding his next steps. As the team and player navigate this challenging situation, the focus will remain on Lange’s recovery and the potential adjustments needed to help him return to form.

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