Detroit Tigers rotation for HUGE series vs. Yankees

The Tigers are on a roll

You can start calling the Detroit Tigers butter because they are on a roll! (H/T to the late Stewart Scott)

Following their dramatic win on Thursday against the Minnesota Twins, the Tigers have now won seven of their last nine games to move 21-30 on the season.

Up next for the good guys is a 3-game road series against the red-hot New York Yankees, who are three outs away (at the time of publish) to moving to 35-15 on the season.

The Tigers have released their pitching rotation for their upcoming series against the Yankees and as you can see below, it is not what they had planned when the season started.

Friday – Elvin Rodriguez

Saturday – Beau Brieske

Sunday – Rony Garcia

Can the Detroit Tigers actually get back in the mix?

Following their 4 games to 1 series win over the first-place Twins, the Detroit Tigers are now just eight games out of first place in the American League Central.

As they did in 2021, the Tigers got off to a horrendous start this season and as they eventually did in 2021, they are starting to catch fire and it makes us wonder if they could actually get back in the mix.

Unfortunately, the Tigers dug themselves quite a big hole to get out of and it really does not make a ton of sense to start thinking they can get back into contention until they get back to the .500 mark.

Whether or not the Detroit Tigers can make that happen is yet to be seen but a series win over a very good New York Yankees team would be a nice boost.

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  1. Well, speaking of Stuart Scott, tonight, the Tigers looked like Stuart in his current state. Maybe the Tigers’ supporting transgender surgery was proof that they got what they deserved. Detroit sports hasn’t won a playoff series since 2013, and the city’s teams have stunk like a 4-month old Little Caesars pizza since 2017. I’d rather see a murder happen in Detroit than see the city’s sports teams lose all the time.

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