Detroit Tigers send clear message to Baseball Hall of Fame on behalf of Lou Whitaker

By W.G. Brady  - Senior News Desk Writer
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Lou Whitaker

On Saturday, the Detroit Tigers FINALLY did what they should have done long ago as they honored Lou Whitaker at Comerica Park by retiring his number and inscribing his name and No. 1 on the brick wall near his old partner in crime, Alan Trammell.

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It’s awesome that Whitaker has finally gotten his due respect from the Tigers organization but we all know where he really belongs.

The Baseball Hall of Fame.

"Sweet" Lou Finally Gets His Due

Detroit Tigers send clear message to Baseball Hall of Fame on behalf of Lou Whitaker

Prior to Saturday’s game, the Tigers tweeted out a clear message to the Baseball Hall of Fame. As you can see below, the tweet includes Lou Whitaker’s career WAR, which is 75.1, along with a list of the 139 players in the Hall of Fame who have a career WAR lower than Whitaker’s. (The second basemen in the HOF with a career WAR lower than Whitaker’s are shown in orange)

“I’ve never been disappointed at all,” Whitaker said on Friday. “Things happen. Sometimes, just be patient. I haven’t been made. I may have thought about it a time or two, but I’ve never thought about it like, ‘I belong there. I belong there.’ I’ve never said that to myself.

“I always try to keep myself balanced and not thinking ahead, wishing for too much, as some might say. I’ve heard the fastest don’t always win the race, or something like that. That’s what has probably happened in my case. I haven’t got there yet, but people are still hoping and wishing.”

Lou Whitaker seems to believe that his day will finally come when it comes to getting into the Hall of Fame.

“What am I supposed to say, now I’m up there (on Comerica Park wall), that I belong in the Hall of Fame?” Whitaker said. “My friends would say, ‘Now hold up, Lou.’ As they keep crunching the numbers, that’s their job. That’s not my job. Should I say I belong in the Hall of Fame? What do you think? Should I? Shouldn’t I?

“I will wait for that day. I’m sure that day will come. I might be 99 and walking with a cane saying, ‘Finally, what took you so long?’ But that day will come.”

Nation, do you believe Lou Whitaker will eventually get into the Hall of Fame? Do any of you believe he is not deserving?

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