Detroit Tigers SP Alex Faedo comments on 10K performance vs. White Sox

In a display of exceptional pitching prowess, Detroit Tigers SP Alex Faedo showcased the power of throwing strikes and attacking hitters. Tigers manager AJ Hinch couldn't help but praise Faedo, describing his performance as nothing short of incredible. Faedo's latest outing saw him achieve a career-high 10 strikeouts without issuing a single walk, solidifying his position as a rising star in the Tigers' rotation. With just one walk and 22 strikeouts over four starts this season, Faedo's dominance on the mound continues to impress.

Alex Faedo Detroit Tigers

Key Points

  • Faedo delivers an outstanding performance, recording 10 strikeouts without a walk.
  • The 27-year-old right-hander demonstrates exceptional control and command.
  • Faedo's 10-strikeout outing marks a career-best in his 16-start MLB career.
  • The pitcher attributes his success to his fastball's carry and the effectiveness of his breaking ball.
  • Faedo's repertoire includes well-executed right-on-right changeups, adding variety to his pitches.

Detroit Tigers SP Alex Faedo comments on 10K performance vs. White Sox

Following the game, Faedo spoke to reporters about his day at the office.

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“I don't know if I attacked differently,” Faedo said. “I thought my fastball had good carry on it, so I think when you can pitch off your heater, and you're getting some swings and misses and takes on it, you're able to use your pitches differently. I thought the breaking ball was a little better. I threw a couple right-on-right changeups. So I guess it was a little different.”

Hinch praised Faedo following the game.

“He was incredible,” Hinch said.

“I think some of his swing and misses that were in the zone to out of the zone are really important to highlight,” Hinch said. “Those are aggressive pitches. He's getting himself into counts where he can expand the zone, or expand the plate, and pitch to less hittable pitches and not just focus middle-middle.”

Bottom Line – Faedo's Ascendancy Continues

Alex Faedo's standout performance against the White Sox not only earned him accolades but also underscored his potential as a force to be reckoned with in the MLB. His ability to command the strike zone and keep hitters off balance showcases the skills necessary for sustained success at the highest level of the game. As Faedo continues to refine his craft and gain experience, his contributions to the Tigers' pitching staff become increasingly valuable.

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