Detroit Tigers tie miserable MLB record in loss to Minnesota Twins

On Friday night, the Detroit Tigers tied the MLB record when they were shut out for the 22nd time during the 2022 season.

There are Major League Baseball single-season records that you want your team to have and then there are records like our Detroit Tigers tied on Friday night.

During last night's game against the Minnesota Twins, the Tigers were shut out 7-0 and they now are part of an MLB record they would rather not be part of.

What record did the Detroit Tigers tie?

The Detroit Tigers have now been shut out a whopping 22 times so far this season. That mark ties them for the Major League Baseball record for most times being shut out in a single season during the designated-hitter era.

That's right folks, 23.7% of the Tigers' losses (93 so far) have come when they did not score a single run!

Overall, the Tigers have scored just 529 runs in 2022, which is the fewest in all of baseball.

Tigers manager is sick of Twins SP Joe Ryan

This time it was Twins SP Joe Ryan who shut down the Detroit Tigers as he held them scoreless for six innings, scattering five hits and striking out eight while walking just one hitter.

Following the game, Tigers manager AJ Hinch said he was sick of Ryan.

“I've had enough of Joe Ryan,” Hinch said of Twins’ right-handed rookie starter Joe Ryan who hushed the Tigers bats for six innings. “The guy is really good.”

“He beat us with the fastball and obviously the chase slider when we had to anticipate the fastball,” Hinch said. “If you don't beat him to the spot with the fastball, it's tough. His vertical movement is great, he changes his pace, the slide-step fastball was very effective. He disrupts your timing and he throws enough strikes to get you defensive.”

It is no surprise that Hinch is sick of Joe Ryan as Ryan is now 4-0 with a 0.76 ERA against the Tigers in 2022.