Detroit Tigers upcoming broadcast will be one-of-a-kind

Well, this should be interesting

The upcoming July 3rd broadcast of the Detroit Tigers vs. the Kansas City Royals baseball game at Comerica Park is going to be one-of-a-kind and it will only air on Peacock.

In case you have not yet heard, that broadcast will be unique because it “will feature a unique broadcast without any commentators in the booth as viewers will be taken inside the ballpark to experience the game from different viewpoints and perspectives.”

That’s right, folks, if you tune in for the Tigers’ July 3rd matchup against the Royals, you will not hear any announcers in the booth.

Detroit Tigers’ upcoming broadcast will be one-of-a-kind

Instead, a group of reporters, including Craig Monroe from Bally Sports Detroit, will provide viewers with a tour of Comerica Park and more.

From NBC Sports:

MLB Sunday Leadoff host and in-game reporter Ahmed Fareed, former Tigers outfielder and current Bally Sports Detroit analyst Craig Monroe, and NBC Sports’ Britney Eurton will take fans around Detroit’s Comerica Park throughout the game, providing viewers with a tour of the ballpark, unique viewpoints, conversations with special guests, and more.

“This is another way to take you out to the ball game and give the fans a unique experience,” said Sam Flood, NBC Sports Production Executive Producer & President. “We’re going to be fans of the game, taking you to different parts of the ballpark and engaging in a way that fans watch the game in the stadium.”

Expected to be featured within the Royals-Tigers game presentation:

    • Tour of Comerica Park offering viewers varying perspectives of the stadium and field
    • Enhanced audio around the stadium
    • Unique camera positions throughout the stadium and the stands
    • Conversations with special guests throughout the game, including Tigers superfans in attendance
    • Focus on youth baseball and softball within the broadcast, including a Little Leaguer announcing the lineups
    • Celebration of July 4th weekend throughout the game

Nation, is this something that you are interested in watching?

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  1. We love to watch the tigers. We certainly are not interested in watching this junk. We want to see the ballgame period. We are faithful watchers of every game possible.

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