Did Calvin Johnson come out and say he is retiring, ESPN? Until then he’s a Lion.

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“Like many players at this stage of their career, I am currently evaluating options for my future,”I would expect to have a decision regarding this matter in the not-too-distant future.”

Calvin Johnson released this statement on January 6th. So, I ask – what has exactly changed? ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted this out Sunday afternoon:

Sorry, but where in that does it say he has officially retired? Directly after that tweet an article from ESPN came out entitled “Calvin Johnson told Lions he plans to retire” and then all hell broke loose. Multiple media outlets released articles saying Calvin Johnson HAS retired. Only a few (like Detroit Sports Nation) actually reported the somewhat new information he told family back in 2015 that he was done. So what’s all this ↓ about?


And this…


Oh yeah and this…


So, it went from Calvin Johnson told some friends and fam back in October that he was probably done to “FULL BLOWN the man is officially filing his retirement papers”.

To top the whole buffoonery off, tons of people are making a joke of the Lions, their fans, the city of Detroit and state of Michigan in general now because “we made him.” And all the while Calvin Johnson retired because ESPN says so. Most of those people are haters who are fans from other teams (*cough* rest of NFC North) that are basking in the light of another perceived failure from the Detroit Lions.

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You better hope he retires, ESPN. That goes for the haters everywhere else too. And if you’re a Lions fan who has lost hope and is turning your back on this team in light of this hateration then shame on you. Also, shame on the columnists of the major papers like Drew Sharp who puts Calvin’s retirement mulling on the shoulders of the franchise. If he does retire it’s because he’s 6’5 and has been getting hit in the knees by defenders half his life. It has nothing to do with him being sick of playing for the Lions. He cares about his future. Wouldn’t you?

I’ll finish quickly with this.

Calvin Johnson has not retired. He is indeed undecided on the thought. As a matter of fact, last we heard he was closer to a return to the team if the Lions will allow him to rest more in between games. Until he releases another statement or gets on top of a podium and makes the end of his career official, I have one big thing to say to ESPN and Lions’ haters worldwide.


And for the sake of his heart and soul… he always will be.


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