Did Steve Yzerman make the right call in selling Detroit Red Wings’ assets at the NHL Trade Deadline?

A few recent decisions sent ripples throughout the Detroit Red Wings fanbase, Steve Yzerman chose to sell off some of his assets as the trade deadline approached. The Wings had been playing good hockey in the weeks leading up to the deadline, and there was a sense of optimism surrounding the team. However, a string of losses that culminated in a pair of particularly ugly games in Ottawa forced Yzerman’s hand.

Why it matters

Yzerman’s decision to sell off Tyler Bertuzzi, Filip Hronek, and Jakub Vrana has been met with mixed reactions from Red Wings fans. On the one hand, it’s a tough pill to swallow to give up on the season when the team was starting to gain momentum. On the other hand, it’s hard to argue with Yzerman’s logic. The Red Wings are several points out of a playoff spot, and the odds of them making up that ground are slim. By trading away Bertuzzi and Hronek, Yzerman is not only getting valuable assets in return, but he’s also helping to set the team up for the future.

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The Bottom Line

Ultimately, Yzerman’s decision to sell off Bertuzzi and Hronek is a calculated risk. He’s betting that the future returns from those trades will outweigh the immediate impact those players could have had on the team this season. While it’s a tough pill to swallow for fans who were starting to believe in a playoff push, it’s hard to argue with Yzerman’s logic. He’s got a long-term plan in mind, and he’s not going to deviate from it just to chase a playoff spot this year. The Red Wings are still in their rebuild, but the future is looking bright in Detroit.

Written by Teddy Jackson

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