Did the Detroit Lions just steal the next great NFL defensive lineman?

As the first round of the 2021 NFL draft started to wind up, Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes had a bold idea. That idea was to trade back into round one to select DT Levi Onwuzirike out of Washington.

Holmes was not able to get a trade done to move back into the first round but as he said, “the draft gods were smiling” on the Lions and they ended up stealing Onwuzurike with the No. 41 overall pick.

After being deli by the Lions, Levi spoke to the media and he made quite the impression.

“I like fucking people up. I like to get off the line and just put my helmet or my hands on an offensive lineman and fuck up an offensive scheme, pretty much. I like pushing ’em back 2, 3 yards and just making ’em feel like shit.”

Levi is obviously very passionate about his craft but could he end up being the next great DT in the NFL?

One person who believes that could be the case is former player, Lawrence Jackson.

Nation, do you agree with Jackson or is this wishful thinking?