Disturbing audio emerges of Richard Sherman’s wife calling 911 prior to his arrest

In case you have not heard by now, former All-Pro CB Richard Sherman was arrested early on Wednesday morning for burglary domestic violence, and malicious mischief for attempting to break into a home, where police say Sherman’s wife’s parents live.

Just moments ago, some disturbing audio from the 911 call that Sherman’s wife made prior to his arrest was leaked.

During the call, you can hear Sherman’s wife (Ashley Moss) say on multiple occasions that her husband had been saying that he is going to kill/hang himself. She also said that Sherman drank a bottle of Vodka and a bottle of Hennessy.

Here is the audio.

On a side note, the 911 dispatcher that was on the other end of this call was an absolute embarrassment and should be ashamed for how she treated Sherman’s wife.

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  1. I can’t believe the response of this 911 operator‼️It is imperative that she goes through another class of “Sensitivity Training” along with a dose of COMPASSION🤬

  2. All the dispatcher had to do was reassure her that help was in the way, and to remain on the line. Then she could have asked further questions. When she says “what had he been drinking, milk”? Totally uncalled for. She needs to be replaced immediately.

  3. I believe this horrible situation happened because his identity is Richard Sherman, the most amazing cornerback in the game. He’s listened to the hype his whole career. But what happens to these guys when they leave the game of football and try to build a new life and image? Without fans yelling and cheering your name all the time. They have had fans, leaders, teachers, coaches, and friends constantly feeding their egos all their life. At least once they got to high school and were obviously better than the average players. They’ve been thriving on this adoration and sometimes when they stop doing the thing that got them that adoration in the first place, it can be a loss of identity, self-worth and constant reassurance. It breaks my heart seeing this happening to so many athletes. Richard Sherman left quite a legacy in Seattle. No one and nothing can ever take that away! But you are more than the Jersey. Than the highlight reels. Than the screaming fans. You made lifelong fans in Seattle who will never forget what you did for our city and for our Seahawks. #Legionofboom. You are better than this! Get some rehab, get your mind right, and then go enjoy your family and friends. You’ve got this!!

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