Do you feel the same way that I do about the future of Detroit Lions football?

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When it comes to drinking the proverbial Detroit Lions “Kool-Aid” there is nobody (and I mean NOBODY) who chugs more than yours truly. Most years, I somehow convince myself that if everything goes right, the Lions could actually win the division and make a run in the NFL Playoffs.

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Unfortunately, over the past couple of seasons, my expectations remained low, mostly because I knew that Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia were both incompetent at their job. Quinn had zero clue how to build a legit NFL roster and Patricia was just as bad at developing the players he was given.

But the Lions have finally taken out the trash and a new regime is in place, a regime that has many Lions fans believing that the future is bright for a franchise (and fan base) that has suffered for way too long.

That regime is headed by GM Brad Holmes and head coach Dan Campbell.

Both Holmes and Campbell have done everything right since being hired. From getting a haul in return for Matthew Stafford to building what looks to be a very good coaching staff, Holmes and Campbell have given us all hope that better days are coming for Detroit Lions football.

As I mentioned earlier, I am one to partake in a giant glass of Lions Kool-Aid on what seems to be a daily basis, and I have to admit that I am already starting to convince myself that the Lions could surprise some people in 2021.

Now, when I say the Lions could surprise some people in 2021, I and not predicting them to go out and win the NFC North or anything crazy like that. But, I would not be at all surprised if they are able to flirt with 7-9 or, dare I say it, 8-8 in the coming season.

All of that being said, I cannot fully buy in (I am at about 80% now) to the new regime until I see how Holmes and Campbell handle their first NFL Draft, which will kick off at the end of April.

If they are able to draft for value (preferably by trading down for more draft capital), and avoid the temptation of selecting a wide receiver at No. 7 like some seem to think would be a wise idea (it would not be), I would be 100% in on the new regime.

My belief is that Holmes feels the same way that I do about overvaluing wide receivers (Exhibit A: not overpaying to bring back Kenny Golladay) and I truly believe that he will handle the NFL Draft like a good GM should. Draft for value and don’t reach.

If this happens, the future is VERY bright in Detroit!

Nation, do you feel the same way that I do about the future of Detroit Lions football?

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Posted by Don Drysdale
I am a fan of all Detroit sports and LOVE to write about them!