Doctor says Matthew Stafford’s injury could be career-threatening

One former NFL team doctor believes that Matthew Stafford's injury could cause him to consider retirement.

On Saturday, the Los Angeles Rams announced they were placing quarterback Matthew Stafford on Injured Reserve, causing speculation that he could miss the remainder of the 2022 NFL regular season. Following the Rams' 27-23 loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, Rams head coach Sean McVay was asked if Stafford was done for the season. At that time, McVay revealed to reporters that Stafford had a “spinal cord contusion” and that he was “probably” done for the remainder of the 2022 campaign. But could Matthew Stafford's injury be career-threatening? Dr. David J. Chao believes that is the case.

Matthew Stafford

Could Matthew Stafford's injury be career-threatening?

On Monday, Dr. David J. Chao, who was an NFL head team doctor for over 17 years, released a video explaining that Stafford's spinal cord contusion is “career-threatening.”

In the video, which you can see by clicking below, Chao explained that the medical staff dealing with Stafford will have to determine “why” the injury happened, and how they can “correct it” and “prevent it”, which may require surgery.

“It seems Matthew Stafford and his family will have a choice this offseason,” Chow said. “Either do something to correct the risk of further spinal cord contusion and potential permanent damage. Usually with neck surgery, fusion surgery, decompression surgery of some kind, which you can return to play, or decide to hang it up after 14 seasons and a Super Bowl ring. This will be a real question for Stafford as to what he wants to do.”

Click below to hear the rest of what Chao has to say about Stafford's potentially career-ending injury.