Dombrowski Continues To Shoot Down David Price Rumors

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As rumors continue to swirl through the baseball world whether the Detroit Tigers will trade David Price, or hold on to their new number one starter, Dave Dombowski continues to shoot the rumors down.  Yesterday he told Chris McCosky of the Detroit Free Press,

“I will tell you, we never had any trade discussions about David Price this winter,” he said. “People have talked. I cannot tell you somebody didn’t inquire about him a time or two, but we were never in discussions to trade him. We like him and we hope he stays a Tiger for a long time.”

Hopefully what Dombrowski is saying is true and the Tigers are able to resign him for the right price.

There is still the other rumor floating around that Price does not like playing in Detroit and that could weigh into his decision to leave as a free agent after the season, or for the Tigers to trade him at some point this year.  However, Dombrowski quickly shot down that theory too by saying,

“He’s a quality guy.  His teammates like him, he likes his teammates, he likes the situation here and he knows how we feel about him. We like him a great deal, according to”

Price also seemed to shoot those rumors down as well by saying he would like to stay in Detroit long term, as well as saying he never disliked Detroit.

In the aftermath of the Max Scherzer contract with Washington it is only right for everyone to speculate how little time or how long of a time David Price will be a Detroit Tiger.  I’m sure Price is going to look for Scherzer type money this coming year and it’s up to Dombrowski on whether he can show him the money or show him the door.

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Posted by Andrew McNabb
I am a sports nut and follow all sports and all teams, but truly love my Detroit sports teams. Detroit is the sports mecca and I wish I could be there for more games instead of following them from Atlanta.