Dombrowski Likes Rotation Moving Forward Despite Loss Of Scherzer

Detroit Tigers president, CEO, and GM Dave Dombrowski has been bombarded with questions this offseason with regards to his pitching staff. The two biggest and most obvious members of the rotation were David Price and now Washington Nationals ace Max Scherzer. On Wednesday, the 2013 AL Cy Young award winner was formally introduced as a member of the Nats, after inking a 7-year contract worth over $200 million. The deal no doubt puts the Nationals a World series contender and arguably makes their starting rotation the best in baseball. For the Tigers however, sure, this is a big loss. Mad Max was a valuable asset to the team during his time here. He blossomed into the pitcher he is today and he’s earned every penny of that contract. The Tigers still have a pretty solid rotation moving forward, and Dombrowski has stuck by that. When asked again about David Price’s future, he went on to say:

“We made a move at that time to not only win at that point with David, but also knew he’d be able to pitch for us this year,” he said. “So I think he really steps in and replaces Max and we’re in a spot there where we have two of the same guys.”

Despite all the Scherzer talk during this offseason, the other big question that remains is what he will do with David Price. The southpaw recently signed a 1-year deal worth nearly $20 million, avoiding arbitration. There have been however, mixed feelings about whether the Tigers will sign him long term. “Dealer Dave” Dombrowski has adamantly said how happy he is with what they have in place right now. Know this, he ALWAYS has a trick up his sleeve, and is ready to strike a deal at any given time. David Price is a legitimate front-of-the-rotation ace, and is essentially replacing Scherzer in the rotation. I personally want to believe Dombrowski when he says it is a process as far as Price goes, so we’ll see if the price is right for both David’s.

The Tigers also made some other moves this offseason to bolster the rotation that would possibly not include Max Scherzer. They traded for both Shane Greene and Alfredo Simon. When asked about Simon, Dombrowski feels that he will contribute to the rotation.

Despite having a rotation that no longer includes Max Scherzer, and that will most likely not see any more upgrades, the Tigers definitely feel comfortable moving forward into the season.