Don Brown’s recent comment about Jim Harbaugh is a real head scratcher

The 2020 Michigan Wolverines are off to a 1-2 start and everybody and their brother/sister/father/mother/dog have come out of the woodwork to bash head coach Jim Harbaugh.

One person who does not understand where all of the criticism is coming from is Wolverines defensive coordinator, Don Brown, who joined the Stoney & Jansen Show on Tuesday morning.

While talking about the criticism that has come the Wolverines way after their awful start, Brown made a comment that has a lot of people wondering if he has lost his mind.

Check it out.

“I don’t think anybody likes criticism. I mean, I’d be lying to you,” Brown said. “Sometimes I get a little disappointed – and I’ve been completely kind of blindsided. (I've) stayed out of the social media circles during the season, no matter what’s going on, but it’s concerning. I could care less for me, but we have an outstanding head coach who does a tremendous job. I just think he’s a perfect head coach.”

Wait, what?!?! Don Brown believes Jim Harbaugh is a “perfect” head coach?

We think “perfect” is stretching it a bit, don't you?