Don Kelly returns to Tigers as a scout and assistant to player development

Don Kelly is back, baby!

Okay, not on the field, though. Don Kelly has rejoined the Detroit Tigers as a pro scout and assistant to player development.

A History with the Tigers

Kelly was drafted by the Tigers in the eighth round of the 2001 MLB draft and played in 545 games as a utility man. With he hit 23 home runs while hitting .234 while playing all over the field. During his nine-year career, “Donnie Baseball” was a consummate backup, who was more on the team for the role he could play in giving a guy off, rather than competing for a starting role. However, it is guys like Don Kelly that help make good teams better, which he did during his time as a player with the Tigers.

In 2015 he was signed as a free agent by the Miami Marlins, where he played in 15 games collecting only 4 hits. He spent time with the Marlins again in 2016, before this news of his new adventure came out. It is unclear if this is a retirement from the game, or just putting his career on hold; however, at 37 years-old, it’s most like the next chapter of his life starting. Regardless, it is nice to see him in the Old English D again.

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