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Brad Holmes, Take Note

Brad Momentum
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A.J Reilly: Please Brad, keep the momentum! I'm coming at this from a Lions‘ perspective for years. As a fan, we approached the draft with a guy at the helm named Matt Millen, who infamously drafted three wide receivers in a row in the first round. And then we also lived through the dark ages of QuinnTricia. Which got us nothing, Teez Tabor in the second round Jarrad Davis, the dude from Hawaii in the second round, but he saw something in him. A sixth round pick that he saw something in him and drafted him in the second round 

Paul Rochon: He drafted him in the fifth round, be nice. 

A.J Reilly: That’s still quite a reach.

And Jeff Okudah third overall, of course, I wasn't going to forget that one. But what I want to get off my chest from the Lions fan perspective is Brad Holmes in your first draft, you had a pretty good draft, guys that contributed right? You got Penei Sewell, you got Amon-Ra St. Brown who had a phenomenal end of the season.

Please Brad Keep The Momentum

You feel, and you get the sense that there's some kind of momentum that's being built. And right now, as a Lions fan Brad, we trust you don't kill the momentum. Don't kill the momentum by drafting somebody that is not worth a number two overall pick when you could potentially trade back. Do what you can to continue to allow our trust in you to build and continue to build, because we have labored our beloved Lions for generations of mediocrity.

And it seems like maybe with Dan Campbell and you, the ship is turning a little bit and we hope that it continues to turn. Don't give us reasons to break our TV screens, don't give us reasons to punch our friends that are sitting next to us. Don't give Paul a reason to have a vein pop out of his head. You have momentum Brad, and I'm pleading with you.

And I'm asking you to please keep that momentum going. If Aidan Hutchinson is there, take Aidan Hutchinson. If Aidan Hutchinson isn't there and you like Kayvon Thibodeaux, take Thibodeaux. Do not draft a quarterback in the first round, do not do something that makes Lion fans say, here we go again, please Brad, for the sake of all humanity and definitely for the sake of every Lions fan that swears allegiance to a team that can't do anything but be mediocre and even less than mediocre in a lot of instances, please.

Please keep the momentum.

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