Doomsday Plan: Who would replace Jim Harbaugh if he left?

The overreaction of Jim Harbaugh leaving Michigan for the NFL prompted a few questions. While unlikely, what would occur if the golden child left Ann Arbor? Who would replace him in the circumstance that he left? Below is a purely hypothetical list of who would be the best candidates to replace Jim Harbaugh if he ever decided to itch the NFL bug again.

The potential hires will be evaluated on viability, pros and cons, and an overall “Doomsday rater” to give a value of just how good this replacement would be if the Harbaugh decision were made today. Consider this list to be a “worst case scenario” plan; a list created solely in the circumstance of disaster akin to doomsday shelters.

Note: For fairness sake, DSN is also cultivating a list of candidates to replace Mark Dantonio in the case of his departure as well.

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