Doomsday Report: 5 potential replacements for P.J. Fleck

MARK HELFRICH – Former Head Coach, Oregon

Speaking of… This is by far the biggest stretch of any of the choices on this list. The unlikelihood of this move primarily deals with whether Mark Helfrich would want to downgrade his tier of coaching after an unfortunate end to his tenure in Oregon. Many other schools will undoubtedly want his services, so this hire would probably be a temporary fix.

Regardless of the pitfalls, Helfrich fits right into the traditional style of Western Michigan. The former Oregon HC took the reigns of Oregon's high-octane offense and built upon it by growing the talents of Heisman winner Marcus Mariota. Western Michigan have produced a myriad of good receiving talents and a pass oriented leader could work with that style extremely well.

While it doesn't seem likely for this to happen, if it were to somehow occur, Helfrich fits right into a program with a penchant for making strides in the passing game.

Doomsday Rater: 8/10