Dr. Anthony Fauci delivers optimistic news for baseball, but still skeptical for football

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Dr. Anthony Fauci has been at the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic as the country’s leading expert on infectious diseases, and he delivered some optimistic news on the chances of a safe baseball season being played in 2020.

However, he remains skeptical of those chances regarding the NFL season.

“We give them the facts and they’re gonna have to make up their own mind in their own decision of whether this is going to be doable or not,” Dr. Fauci explained for MLB. “It looks like right now it is on the track of doing the kind of shortened and abbreviated season that they’re aiming for. I mean, I hope that they do it and they do it successfully.”

MLB recently released a 60 game schedule, and teams have begun gathering for summer workouts in anticipation of the season which is slated to begin July 23.

But despite his optimism regarding baseball, he thinks it’s less likely that a contact sport like football could be safely played.

“You could not possibly get a more contact sport than football where literally, on every single play, there’s contact,” Dr. Fauci said. “So that, therefore, you really got to monitor the play very, very closely and carefully, because that could spread very easily if someone is infected and doesn’t realize they’re infected.”

The NFL has already scrapped this year’s Hall of Fame game, and slashed the pre-season schedule in half.

– – Quotes via 97.1 The Ticket Link – –