DSN NFL Power Rankings Week 4

It was only a matter of time. With three top five teams losing, the wonderful any given Sunday NFL is officially back. As sure as Bill Belichick’s Patriots will always be contenders, any team is vulnerable at any time in the NFL. Raise your hand if you had Philidelphia dismantling the Steelers as if they didn’t belong on the same field. PUT YOUR HANDS DOWN YOU FILTHY LIARS! Not even the biggest Eagles homer would’ve thought that beatdown was coming but it definitely legitimizes their start. Good luck beating out Carson Wentz for rookie of the year.

If you are still among the stubborn who believe the quarterback is the most important piece to an NFL team, consider this. Your 3-0 quarterbacks are Carson Wentz, Shaun Hill/Sam Bradford, Trevor Siemian, Jimmy Garopolo/Jacoby Brissett, and Joe Flacco while Drew Brees is 0-3. It’s not rocket science, yet NFL teams repeat the same mistakes they have for decades.

While we’re on about mistakes, that’s a good segue way into the PRI. It was not our best week but upsets will tend to bog down percentages across the board. Remember, it is the comparison that is important, rather than the numbers themselves. If you are unfamiliar with PRI, it is explained in detail in the Week 2 power rankings.

Week 4 PRI


2016 Season NFL RPI


As I’ve said many times, the PRI will become much clearer late in the season, so early results should be taken with a grain of salt. My power rankings, however, should be taken for indisputable fact.

Gorge yourselves.


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