DSN Top Moments from 2016


Here is one from Daniel Dylan Bair, who is certainly not shy about voicing his opinions for us. He is also not drinking the Jabrill Peppers Kool-aid in 2016. His moment comes from a Saturday, November 12 game at Iowa:

My top moment of 2016 is (Jabrill Peppers) getting juked out by (Iowa RB Akrum Wadley). It was the best for me in part because it validated what I had been feeling, that Peppers was an overrated Michigan media product. Wadley made him look like a fool and it was a personified moment for how Iowa showed up a then-highly touted Michigan defense that rang as overrated to me. It proved a solid back can gash the wolverines and peppers in particular.

Certainly no love lost and no love found from Mr. Bair.