DSN’s countdown of the top celebrity Detroit Red Wings fans: No. 10 (VIDEO)

As one of the most popular and well known NHL franchises, it isn’t any surprise that the Detroit Red Wings have fans from every corner of the globe. And naturally, some of those fans are going to be celebrities.

Let’s take a look at some of the well known figures in entertainment who are also known for their love of the Winged Wheel!

No. 10: John C. McGinley

The New York native is perhaps best known for his role as Perry Cox in Scrubs, and his character’s fandom of the Red Wings also translates into real life! McGinley can be seen wearing a Red Wings jersey (usually that of Chris Chelios) in several episodes of the show:

McGinley narrated the Red Wings 2008 Stanley Cup championship DVD, and is friends with former Red Wings defenseman Chris Chelios. He’s also a well known member of the “Malibu Mob”, a group of celebrity friends and neighbors that includes Chelios himself. The group would also make appearances when the Red Wings played in Southern California.