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DSN’s countdown of the top celebrity Detroit Red Wings fans: No. 8 (VIDEO)

As one of the most popular and well known NHL franchises, it isn’t any surprise that the Detroit Red Wings have fans from every corner of the globe. And naturally, some of those fans are going to be celebrities.

Let’s take a look at some of the well known figures in entertainment who are also known for their love of the Winged Wheel!

No. 8: Mike Posner

Musician Mike Posner is a Detroit native and has had his songs featured on Billboard Hot 100 singles list, including “Cooler Than Me” and “Please Don’t Go”. He also performed at Ford Field at halftime of the Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Day game in 2018.

And naturally, being a fan of Motor City sports, he’s a fan of the Red Wings. During a summer concert tour with Justin Bieber, the pair played Joe Louis Arena – and Posner got a special behind the scenes look.

“Before the show, they opened up the Red Wings’ locker room for me,” Posner said in a phone interview from L.A. “I immediately took a picture in front of Pasha’s locker because he’s my favorite player.

“I tweeted the picture to him and said, ‘Hey, man, look where I’m at.’ He tweeted back, ‘Finally, someone talented’s in that locker.’ ”

Datsyuk even made a cameo appearance in Posner’s video for “Top of the World”.

Posner also took in the Sochi Olympic Games in 2014, and spent time with Russian Red Wings legends Sergei Fedorov and Slava Fetisov – on a special invite from Datsyuk’s manager.

“It was incredible, man, it was really once in a lifetime,” Posner said. “I saw hockey, hockey, hockey.”

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Written by Michael Whitaker

Always at the front lines of Detroit Sports.

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