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DSN’s NFL Week 8 Power Rankings revealed

DSN’s NFL Week 8 Power Rankings

Warning! These are not your usual Power Rankings. I’m not your everyday NFL analyst who throws his bias into how he ranks teams. I use a formula developed over many years and this is all about numbers. Please remember that Power Rankings are reactive and not predictive. This is where the teams stand following the previous weeks’ games. These rankings and the formulas and bonuses used to compile them are even for all teams.

Bottom Line: If you are a top 5 team playing a bottom 5 team and you win by a point or lose straight up, you will be penalized. If you win big, the rewards will boost you in the rankings.

So, no more waiting. Here are your rankings for Week 8:

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#1 Kansas City Chiefs (6-1)

Weekly Results: W, 45-10 vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Ranking Points: 160.1

Last Week: 2     Change: +1

Note: As this team’s defense improves, so does it’s offense. Young QB Patrick Mahomes has too many weapons for this team to falter.

#2 Los Angeles Rams (7-0)

Weekly Results: W, 39-10 @ San Francisco 49ers

Ranking Points: 138.9

Last Week: 4   Change: +2

Note: This Rams team looks unstoppable against weaker competition and they squeak out wins against everyone else.

#3 New Orleans Saints (5-1)

Weekly Results: W, 24-23 @ Baltimore Ravens

Ranking Points: 131.37

Last Week:  1    Change: -2

Note: QB Drew Brees and the offense score enough to outlast their opponents but their defense needs to improve.

#4 New England Patriots (5-2)

Weekly Results: W, 38-31 @ Chicago Bears

Ranking Points: 130.35

Last Week: 3   Change: -1

Note: Typical New England team, score more points and have defense play well enough to hold on and survive multiple injuries. RB Sony Michel injury will be absorbed well.

#5 Pittsburgh Steelers (3-2-1)

Weekly Results: Bye Week

Ranking Points: 116.98

Last Week: 5    Change:

Note: If the Le’Veon Bell situation gets resolved and there is no drama to deal with, this team will be hard to outscore.

# 6 Baltimore Ravens (4-3)

Weekly Results: L, 23-24 vs. New Orleans Saints

Ranking Points: 110.92

Last Week: 6    Change:

Note: Solid performance against tough teams shows this Ravens team belongs among the top contenders.

#7 Minnesota Vikings (4-2-1) 

Weekly Results: W, 37-17 @ New York Jets

Ranking Points: 80.3

Last Week: 11    Change: +4

Note: All cylinders firing for this Vikings team after a rough start.

#8 Los Angeles Chargers (5-2)

Weekly Results: W, 20-19 vs. Tennessee Titans (London)

Ranking Points: 100.45

Last Week: 7    Change: -1

Note: Could the Melvin Gordon injury impact dangerous offense long-term?

#9 Philadelphia Eagles (3-4)

Weekly Results: L, 17-21 vs. Carolina Panthers

Ranking Points: 90.25

Last Week: 8    Change: -1

Note: Defending SB champs struggling to get a rhythm going on either side of the ball.

#10 Carolina Panthers (4-2)

Weekly Results: W, 21-17 @ Philadelphia Eagles

Ranking Points: 88.45

Last Week: 13    Change: +3

Note: As the Panthers get healthy, they might be tough to keep contained.

#11 Dallas Cowboys (3-4)

Weekly Results: L, 17 – 20 @ Washington Redskins

Ranking Points: 87.3

Last Week: 9    Change: -2

Note: Stop the Cowboys running game and you can beat them.

#12 Washington Redskins (4-2)

Weekly Results: W, 20-17 vs. Dallas Cowboys

Ranking Points: 77.6

Last Week: 15    Change: +3

Note:  Alex Smith is doing in Washington what he’s always done…win games.

#13 Houston Texans (4-3)

Weekly Results: W, 20-7 @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Ranking Points: 77.45

Last Week: 17 (tie)    Change: +4

Note: Houston is streaking!! 4 in a row and QB Watson is just getting rolling.

#14 Chicago Bears (3-3)

Weekly Results: L, 31-38 vs. New England Patriots

Ranking Points: 77.1

Last Week: 12    Change: -2

Note: Not sure which Chicago team will show up week to week.

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#15 Detroit Lions (3-3)

Weekly Results: W, 29-21 @ Miami Dolphins

Ranking Points: 72.9

Last Week: 19    Change: +4

Note: Matt Patricia has this team rounding into shape. If the defense shows some consistency, this team may compete for a division title. Rookie Kerryon Johnson seems to be the missing link.

#16 Denver Broncos (3-4)

Weekly Results:  W – 45-10 @ Arizona Cardinals

Ranking Points: 71.6

Last Week: 24    Change: +8

Note: Denver’s destructive defense dazzles in the desert…finally.

#17 Seattle Seahawks (3-3)

Weekly Results: Bye Week

Ranking Points: 70.15

Last Week: 14    Change: +3

Note: Went into the Bye week winning 3 of 4 with the only loss a 2 point shortcoming against the undefeated Rams.

#18 Tennessee Titans (3-4)

Weekly Results: L, 19-20 vs. Los Angeles Chargers (London)

Ranking Points: 64.47

Last Week: 21    Change: +3

Note: Defense continues to improve as offense finds their way. Could be an impressive 2nd half.

#19 Green Bay Packers (3-2-1)

Weekly Results:  Bye Week

Ranking Points: 62.6

Last Week: 16 Change: -3

Note: Did the Bye Week get the Packers offense healthy? Might not matter if the defense doesn’t come to play.

#20 Atlanta Falcons (3-4)

Weekly Results: W, 23-20 vs. New York Giants

Ranking Points: 58.1

Last Week: 22    Change: +2

Note: If the Defense can show some consistency, there is enough talent on the offense even with the loss of RB Freeman, for this team to make a run.

#21 Indianapolis Colts (2-5)

Weekly Results: W, 37-3 vs. Buffalo Bills

Ranking Points: 57.15

Last Week: 28    Change: +7

Note: A great showing against a bad team doesn’t make them a great team…but they have potential.

#22 Cincinnati Bengals (4-3)

Weekly Results: L, 10-45 @ Kansas City Chiefs

Ranking Points: 52.6

Last Week: 10    Change: -12

Note: A mediocre defense can only be supported by a superior offense. This team does not have that.

#23 Jacksonville Jaguars (3-4)

Weekly Results: L, 7-20 vs. Houston Texans

Ranking Points: 44.45

Last Week: 20    Change: -3

Note: This team is free falling. The Defense has lost its identity and Blake Bortles is weak.

#24 New York Jets (3-4)

Weekly Results: L, 17-37 vs. Minnesota Vikings

Ranking Points: 43.7

Last Week: 17 (tie)    Change: -7

Note: There are a handful of teams that are Jekyll and Hyde type of teams and this is one of them.

#25 Miami Dolphins (4-3)

Weekly Results: L, 21-29 vs. Detroit Lions

Ranking Points: 36.35

Last Week: 23    Change: -2

Note: No QB, RB roulette, a decimated WR group. Defense doesn’t win games alone in this league anymore!

#26 New York Giants (1-6)

Weekly Results: L, 20-23 @ Atlanta Falcons

Ranking Points: 27.6

Last Week: 25    Change: -1

Note: Eli Manning is past his prime and this team just doesn’t have what it takes to string W’s together.   Saquan Barkley is the real deal, but a new leader is needed before they take positive strides.

#27 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-3)

Weekly Results: W (OT), 26-23 vs. Cleveland Browns

Ranking Points: 26.45

Last Week: 29    Change: +2

Note: Losing LB Alexander will hurt this team going forward, but the offense is coming around

#28 Cleveland Browns (2-4-1)

Weekly Results: L (OT), 26-23 @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ranking Points: 17.98

Last Week: 27    Change: -1

Note: A lot of tough breaks for this group. This is not going to be their year, but it won’t be long..

#29 San Francisco 49ers (1-6)

Weekly Results: L, 10-39 vs. Los Angeles Rams

Ranking Points: 15.2

Last Week: 26    Change: -3

Note: Losing Jimmy Garoppolo spelled the end of the line for this team.

#30 Oakland Raiders (1-5)

Weekly Results: Bye Week

Ranking Points: -9.05

Last Week:32    Change: +2

Note: Losing Marshawn Lynch won’t help a pathetic offense. The trade of Amari Cooper signals the team has given up on this season and the rebuild has begun.

#31 Buffalo Bills (2-5)

Weekly Results: L, 3-37 @ Indianapolis Colts

Ranking Points: -18.12

Last Week: 30    Change: -1

Note: Not much to say about this team positive. QB Anderson was efficient, but not effective.

#32 Arizona Cardinals (1-6)

Weekly Results: L, 10-45 vs. Denver Broncos

Ranking Points: -28.1

Last Week: 31   Change: -1

Note: The Cardinals offense is less than lackluster and OC McCoy has paid the price. The requested trade by DB Peterson signals that HC Wilks is losing the team already.


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