DUI or ZUI? Zamboni Driver in North Dakota Charged for Drunk Driving

It’s amazing that in the “age of the smartphone”, no one was able to capture footage of this.

Friday night was like any other game night at the South Sports Arena in Fargo, North Dakota. It was a Davies High School girls hockey game. The period ended, and the Zamboni came out to resurface the ice.

Although this part wouldn’t be “normal”.

The driver, 34-year old Steven Anderson, was weaving erratically around the ice, and had smacked the Zamboni into the boards at least once. After a spectator reported the erratic behavior to arena staff, police were called to the arena and Anderson was arrested. Turns out he had hopped onto the Zamboni after getting drunk, and decided that finishing his task at all was better than finishing it sober. Luckily, apart from the boards and the teams having to finish the game on rough ice, no more damage was done by Anderson’s stunt.

This is at least the third time a Zamboni driver has been arrested for drunk driving on the job. Back in January 2012, a Minneapolis man named Joel Bruss was arrested for the same crime. He turned the 10-minute resurfacing job into a 25-minute ordeal of weaving around the ice, hitting the boards, and then failing to get the Zamboni back into the garage.

The first on-record offense was in 2005, by 63-year old John Peragallo on a New Jersey ice rink.

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