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Detroit Red Wings rookie phenom Dylan Larkin made an appearance on the “Dery and Sharp” show on Detroit Sports 105.1FM this afternoon to talk about the season to this point. Here is the full transcript of the interview, or listen to it in its entirety at detroitsports1051.com:

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Dery and Sharp: When did it hit you that you belong in this league, and that you are here?

Larkin: I think opening night was huge for my confidence, and having a good game. Having a good showing was huge, and I kinda felt after that that maybe I could play.

D&S: Have you seen anyone around town or at the games wearing the #71?

Larkin: Yeah, I’ve seen a few. I saw someone wearing one in Edmonton, it was kinda cool. I saw it in warm-ups.

D&S Is that when it hit you? That “oh my goodness, not only am I in the professional leagues, but I’ve become this popular, this early, that people want to go out and buy my uniform.”

Larkin: Yeah, I think its cool every time I see it. I don’t get too caught up in it, but every time I see it I have a little smile.

D&S: It’s one thing to make it and to be on the fourth line or be a guy who is healthy scratched a few times, but you’ve made an instant impact. In terms of feeling for you, were you prepared for that, knowing how much ice time you would get, or is this more of a bonus right now?

Larkin: I think its a bonus. Just playing in general is great. I didn’t really expect to make the team, so its been a huge bonus. Playing with Hank everyday and learning from him has been an invaluable experience that I will probably carry with me for the rest of my career.

D&S: One of the reasons they kept you with the team was because Pavel (Datsyuk) was recovering from ankle surgery. The early sense was “okay, we’ll give the young man an opportunity to get acclimated here, but when Pavel gets back, there might be a change.” But I think you’re making it hard for them to make any type of change like that. Do you think you’ve earned the opportunity to stay with the team even once Pavel gets back?

Larkin: I hope so. I know that management has some decisions to make, and whatever happens I hope I at least made it hard on them so I can keep playing hockey.

D&S: It also helps that you are plus-10 through 12 games, that’s as good as there is in the league right now. Do you look at your numbers? Do you ever go online and look at the stats to see where you sit?

Larkin: No, not really. I’m aware of that stat, and I think its pretty cool. I have to credit my linemates and playing with Hank, we don’t spend much time in the defensive zone so its been a positive.

D&S: Come on, you have to go to NHL.com once in a while. You’re “googling” your name a couple times a day, right?

Larkin: (laughs) No, not that much.

D&S: I remember when we saw you at the sports cave a few years ago. I joked with you about it, I said “you’ll be up here soon.” You said “no, this is a process.” Did you speed through the process? What changed? You told me back then that it takes a while to get to this league, and you also know that you are with an organization that likes to have guys in the minors to kind of get some seasoning. What did it for you?

Larkin: I think I got pretty lucky, not having to go and grind it out in the minors. There was an opportunity, and I think I took full advantage of it.

D&S: Take me through the game-winning goal from the other night. Any time you get a game-winner, you know it’s huge. Especially against Tampa Bay. A play where you were kind of flying down the wing. It’s sort of been a play that I know coming from different angles has worked for you. Is that a calling card for you early in your career?

Larkin: I don’t know, I just didn’t feel like I had much going that game. I just tried to throw it on net and create a rebound, but luckily it went in.

D&S: Jeff Blashill. What kind of an instant impact has he made in the locker room? I know you didn’t play for Mike Babcock, although you knew Babs. But what are the guys saying about playing for a different guy with a different voice?

Larkin: I think it’s refreshing. My whole pro career I’ve played for Blash, I think he always is a positive guy who always tries to bring out the best in his players. He’s been good.

D&S: You’re 19. You guys started 3-0. Everybody said “oh they’re going to win the Cup”, then you lost 6 of 7, everyone says “oh they still stink, maybe the playoff streak will end”. It’s an 82-game grind full of highs and lows, are you learning about how crazy it can be, and how do you kind of think big picture and not get worried about streaks like that?

Larkin: Yeah, I think it’s huge to learn the ups and downs, and the grind of the regular season.


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