Editorial: What is Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman waiting for?

This could be considered treasonous to question what The Captain is doing, but I know I can't be the only one who is wondering this.

What exactly is Steve Yzerman waiting for regarding a coaching change for the Detroit Red Wings?


The Vegas Golden Knights inexplicably fired his good buddy Gerard “Spuddy” Gallant last week, instantly making him one of the top coaching free-agents in the NHL. Yzerman and Gallant both starred for the Red Wings on the ice, though Gallant had moved on by the time the Stanley Cup parades were rolling through.

It's become clear that current head coach Jeff Blashill isn't the right figure to lead this team through a rebuild. The evidence, despite the constant rhetoric of “playing hard” every night, is there for anyone to see.

And while Yzerman stated that he wasn't going to be making any major changes during his first year on the job, his hand could be forced if the team continues to lose games in blowout fashion.

Gallant is known for aiding younger teams in their overall advancement, and his presence in the Motor City would be an instant boost to a team in desperate need of a jolt for the future.

The man they call Spuddy could very well be snatched up by another NHL team like the New Jersey Devils or San Jose Sharks, both of whom fired their bench bosses earlier this campaign and are now being led by interim coaches.

There's no more time to waste – Gallant needs to come back to Detroit before that chance disappears!


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