Eric Ebron, on Matthew Stafford: ‘This is what you want in a quarterback’

While it is still early enough in the offseason before they really get down to brass tacks, figures that he and will get there. Ebron, the rookie tight end who’s expected to play a major role on offense for the this fall, said he and Stafford plan to get together for throwing sessions next month, before training camp opens July 28.

Ebron plans on getting with Stafford a week before training camp to get things going and start the meshing process. The Lions 10th overall draft pick is expected to be used as the receiver behind Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate, much like, here comes the comparison again, Jimmy Graham in New Orleans. Don’t forget that the Lions running back tandem of Reggie Bush and Joique Bell catch a lot of passes out of the backfield as well, so the field should be spread pretty nicely for Joe Lombardi’s offense.

“He’s a great leader,” Ebron said. “I mean, this is what you want in a quarterback. A guy that I’m like, ‘Matt, hey, can you stay after with me and throw me a couple so we can get this timing down?’ ‘For sure.’ Bang, we’re throwing, we’re catching. Nice, nice. We’re synching up.

“It’s what you want in a quarterback. I mean, I’m so blessed to have the weapons I do in receivers and a quarterback that’s that good, ’cause Matt Stafford is that good.”

If all goes well this upcoming season could really have the Lions putting up big numbers on the scoreboard from their offense.


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  1. I have high hopes for Matthew Stafford this upcoming season. Every year he is improving. And he even keeps his class and grace about him. Great player and great guy.

  2. I am really excited for the Lions. The guys have an awesome attitude, and I really look forward to a successful season! Go Lions!!!

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