Eric Ebron spends birthday in ‘middle school-like’ Twitter spat with 97.1 The Ticket’s Evan Jankens

Wednesday was Eric Ebron‘s birthday and apparently, the former Detroit Lions‘ tight end turned the big 12.

Why do I say he turned 12?

Well, when you take a look at his middle school-like Twitter spat with 97.1 The Ticket’s Evan Jankens, who is also going through puberty, you will catch my drift.

It all started with Ebron announcing to the Twitter universe that today is his birthday and he is “eating a damn honey bun.”

Well, Jankens was on that tweet like white on rice and responded with a very uncreative ‘hands’ joke.

Now, most professional athletes (or adults for that matter) would have just ignored the juvenile jab but we clearly are not talking about adults here.

Take a look as Ebron went straight for the throat punch by making fun of Jankens because of his job title.

Jankens replied but Ebron did not respond further as he clearly realized he already had the kill shot. Or maybe he felt bad, who knows and who cares?

See, this is what happens when we have a slow news day! We are forced to look at Eric Ebron’s Twitter feed for content!






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