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Eric Ebron’s Drop Woes Continue, Caldwell Not Concerned

When the Detroit Lions drafted tight end Eric Ebron from UNC, we looked at a guy with a lot of drops, but a lot of upside; if he could fix the drop problem So far we are three days into camp and those same pass dropping woes are still lingering. Some of those drops negated big plays for the offense, including a picture perfect pass from Matthew Stafford that Ebron couldn’t reel in.

Coach Caldwell was asked about the Lions rookie tight end dropping several passes after training camp concluded. “It’s tough for any young guy that’s coming in to a system, particularly at the position he plays,” the coach said. “One thing I think people don’t quite understand about playing a tight end position, you can probably notice that he lines up in a number of different places. He lines up at a true tight end position, so he’s got to know all the blocking schemes, routes from there. He lines up at an auxiliary (position), what we can an F, so he’s got to know all the protections at that particular location as well as the routes. And then we also put him in the backfield. This guy literally has to know the slot receiver, the regular tight end and also a position out of the backfield as if he’s a fullback. So it’s not easy for him. He’s got to learn and adjust and there’s a lot of things going through his mind right now, but I think you’re going to see that he’ll just continue to improve, get a little bit better because he does have an unusual skill set.”

The Detroit Lions drafted Eric Ebron because of the skills that he does posses, and hope to hone in on those and have him be a, wait for it, Jimmy Graham like offensive weapon to partner with Calvin Johnson, Golden Tate, Reggie Bush, Joique Bell and the man who we still can’t quite count out, Brandon Pettigrew. Don’t forget that the Lions have tremendous depth on the roster with Theo Riddick, Mikel Leshoure, and Joseph Fauria. Things could be very very difficult for defenses to game plan on how to stop this Lions offense, especially if Ebron can start putting it all together.

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